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What different techniques could you have?

I do different methods of semi-permanent extensions (up to 3-4 months) applied strand-by-strand with love creating a free-fall natural effect- Micro Fusion Bonding, Easy Shrinks, Micro Rings & Micro Loops for all different types of hair.

What happens during your consultation?

During the Consultation all colours will be chosen to match your highlights in your natural hair, if you have any, and there is no addition cost for more shades having to be ordered. If your hair is one colour, that's great too, or maybe you want to add highlights in with extensions?.. everything is workable and will be discussed during this. All of the different techniques will be shown so we can determine what method is appropriate for YOU!

I will access what method is going to work for your hair and your hair wearing habits. A colour match will also be taken in natural daylight to achieve the perfect look.

Many questions will be asked as well as a form for you to fill in so I can get an accurate view of your hair in every way. Hair Extensions are not damaging if applied correctly and professionally and aftercare advice is followed. 

What is a maintenance and why do I need to have it done?

Maintenance for all methods is 4 - 6 weeks after application, this is where all bonds will be checked and will either be resealed or replaced, a cut will be given to keep the hair looking and feeling fresh as well or maybe even a new style?  Any matting will be removed, and advice if you have any further questions. 

Maintenance is charged at just £50.00 , however is essential for me to ensure everything is running smoothly. For your AfterCare a sheet will be given with all the advice on sleeping/ washing/ brushing/ tying up - everything, to prolong the life of your flawless look - if aftercare is not followed you may not be able to use the hair again, or even may have to have it out before the time to prevent damage to your natural hair. If you follow the aftercare advice you will be sure to have a great set of hair extensions that all the ladies will be jealous of - maybe even the men as well.