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Micro Fusion Bonding (often referred to as Keratin hair extensions) are applied with gentle heat, about the same as your straighteners, and use a protein based adhesive to form a strong bond. These can be used on all types of hair, even greasy. Whether you wish to have more volume, thickness, length, highlights and low lights, this is perfect for that long lasting natural look, lasting up to 4 months with the proper aftercare.

Easy Shrinks are great for first time users. Also applied  with a gentle heat, long lasting to create a seamless end-result, lasting up to 3 months. They are a fabulous way of adding that desired length, volume and colour to natural hair.

Micro Rings are another strand-by-strand method, they're attached with tiny rings that are silicone based to protect your hair to prevent damage, they come in several colours to match your roots shade. They also come in different sizes as well and will be chosen during your consultation to ensure they are perfectly matched.  These are a great way to see your natural hair growth as well, hair can be reused if the proper Aftercare is followed and are a great option if you do not wish to have the heat methods used and it is also very cost effective. They are becoming increasing popular with Celebrities as well due to their low maintenance and natural look. 

Micro Loops are a very easy to apply, and is a non-heat method. It lasts for 3 months, however the hair can not be used again like the Micro Ring method using the stick tips.